What is a LUG?

LUG stands for "Linux User Group". A Linux user groups is a place where people interested in Linux or already regular Linux users can meet and have discussions related to GNU/Linux.

What Does This LUG Do?

The Cedar LUG trys to have a mix between discussions and talks from people on Linux related topics and events that give a more hands on experience using GNU/Linux. This includes things such as a LAN where members can volunteer to setup the servers that the attendees will be playing on.

Also we have hosted install-a-thons where anyone can bring in a personal machine or use a provided machine to get experience with the linux installation process.

Who Can Attend Meetings?

This group is open to the public meaning anyone is welcome to attend during the posted meeting and event times.

I Have an Unanswered Question

If after going through this site you're still unsure about something you can email any of the Cedar LUG Officers directly and they will be more than happy to answer any question you have.